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What is the GHDI?

Global Health Design Initiative includes the collection of programs, programs, and opportunities related to global health and design. Since 2008, we have had undergraduate and graduate students participate in design ethnography in locations such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Kenya, and China under the guidance of GHDI. You can find out more about our values on our about us page.


How is the academic program different from the internship program?

The academic program is nearly a year-long opportunity that involves pre-immersion design training coursework, clinical immersion at the international site, and a final semester-long design. Internship program occurs during the summer, with the students completing the design learning, clinical immersion, and design during this period. You can find out more on the opportunities page for the academic program and the internship program.


Where can I apply to the program(s)?

You can apply on the MCompass page: academic program and internship program. If you are interested in the other opportunities, check out the application information on the corresponding opportunity’s page.


Where are the current locations for the academic and internship program?

We currently offer immersion in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Kenya.


What do students after the GHDI program?

The outcome of GHDI students is very diverse: we have students who are in industry, have created their own company based on the GHDI project, are attending medical school and graduate school. Find out more about our alumni in on the alumni spotlight page.


What are need statements?

The need statements is a compilation of the needs identified by the GHDI students during the design ethnography studies. If you are interested in pursuing the need statement as a project, let us know!


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